L.A. Works



L.A. Works engages volunteers:

Managed volunteer opportunities: more than 90 opportunities each month led by trained L.A. Works volunteer project leaders at nonprofits throughout the community. Examples of projects include building wheelchairs, activities with children at transitional living facilities, park and beach conservation, and shelving food at the foodbank.Community connections: individuals are invited to connect directly with L.A. Works' nonprofit partners for a longer commitment with opportunities that range from mentoring and tutoring at-risk youth to meeting monthly with seniors.Days of Service: large-scale, single days of service for thousands of volunteers, including MLK Day of Service, Earth Day, Csar Chvez Day, and L.A. Works Day to revitalize/beautify the community.BusinessWorks: custom designed service (or sponsorship) opportunity that fits the interests and needs of our corporate and community partners - from serving the homeless, painting murals, planting a community garden and reading to inner-city children to large-scale makeovers of entire schools or community centers.

L.A. Works builds strong communities:

Our Service Inclusion Initiative seeks to include people with disabilities as volunteers and project leaders and to ensure that our projects are accessible.L.A. Work provides community support in the event of catastrophic disaster and serves as a resource center for agencies and spontaneous volunteers that want to help in response to a disaster.

L.A. Works develops leaders:

Volunteer Project Leaders: L.A. Works offers leadership training for adults and youth to meet like-minded people who are passionate about social issues and they graduate with tangible leadership skills, a deeper understanding of community issues, and a plan for their volunteer evolution.

Mission: L.A. Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer action center that empowers Angelenos to address pressing social issues through volunteerism and community collaborations. As an independent, nonprofit volunteer action center, L.A. Works addresses three principal needs:
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