Mothers' Club Family Learning Center



Mothers' Club is built on two guiding principles: in order for significant, long-term change to occur within an at-risk family, you must reach both parent and child and educate them together; and, the most critical time to reach a family is when children are proven to be most vulnerable and impressionable, between birth and 5 years-old.

Our clientele are English-learning, low-income mothers in the Pasadena community. They take intensive literacy and parenting skills courses onsite, gaining critical skills in English and learning to be their child's most important teacher. Simultaneously, their children are also on site, playing, learning, and thriving in our early childhood program (ages six weeks to five years).

Our services prepare children for kindergarten and empower mothers to help their children succeed in school and in life.

Mission: Mothers' Club Family Learning Center prepares families isolated by poverty, lack of education and inadequate social support to succeed in school and in life by increasing the skills and education of both mother and child.
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