Tufts Civic Impact



Tufts Civic Impact is your gateway to service opportunities in the community! It’s easy: log in with your Tufts ID to find opportunities to volunteer in the area and connect with the community. You can also post your own opportunities and track your own service hours, your service-learning courses, and any donations you give!

Tufts Civic Impact is open to the entire Tufts community, including students, faculty members, staff and community partners, to publicize and track civic and community engagement opportunities! You can use Tufts Civic Impact to: create applications, track service hours and reflections, produce reports on your impact, and communicate about events or activities. Tisch College is here to help everyone make the most of this tool. If you have any questions, please contact Sherri Sklarwitz, Director of Programs at Tisch College, at sherri.sklarwitz@tufts.edu.

Fall 2020 Update for Community Partners: Due to COVID-19, all service opportunities posted on Tufts Civic Impact must be virtual. Any opportunities that are not virtual but are socially distanced and outdoors  (ie, dropping off supplies, individual trail maintenance, etc) must be sent for review to Shirley Mark, Director of Community Partnerships at Tisch College, at shirley.mark@tufts.edu

17,654 People | 6,545 Impacts | 75,359 Hours | 2,049,754 Total Economic Impact