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"After a year of care-giving all of us were operating on minimal sleep, we were maxed-out, exhausted. Mothers needs had dramatically increased, and we were in completely new territory as far as her lung cancer was concerned. As we were leaving the hospital one Friday afternoon, I called Mission Hospice from our car to set up an appointment for the next day in Diamond Bar.

At 3pm, Saturday, as scheduled, the Mission Hospice admissions nurse came to our door. We sat down and discussed in-depth what hospice entailed, and what kind of help they could offer. We signed up at 4 pm. By 6pm we had a hospital bed, oxygen tanks, and critical care equipment all delivered and installed. From that point forward the care was knowledgeable, compassionate, and appropriate to Mothers condition. Benefiting from this care, she rallied in strength, with confidence that all was being taken care of. Our family did not need to guess and worry anymore and that left us free to simply be with Mother, spending time with her and saying what needed to be said. I cannot emphasize how important that was.

On Sunday and Monday, Mother enjoyed her meals, met with family who had traveled to see her, said her goodbyes. Monday afternoon at 4pm, as her symptoms increased, she slipped into unconsciousness. Tuesday morning at 9:30am, the Mission Hospice nurse arrived to evaluate her condition. He advised us she probably had a few hours left. Mother passed shortly after, and it was gentle, simple, and beautiful.

Mission Hospice helped us at every stage, from the moment they showed up at our door, to handling everything that needed to be done during her transition, and taking care of all things after her passing. For Mother, there was expert care for each stage as she went through it, and for us, there was compassion, understanding, and solid reliable guidance and information. We believe Mission Hospice made all the difference.

If your family is facing the last days with a loved one, this family recommends Mission Hospice."

Posted on YELP by Alan C. 11/22/11

Mission: We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent hospice care with ultimate respect for the decisions of those we serve. We honor dignity, comfort and hope, and endeavor to support each other in our work.
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