City Sound



City Sound is a Los Angeles, California, based inner city youth program with a mission to use performing arts as a means to attract and teach at-risk teens discipline, self respct, and patriotism. Through our program youth members are able to achieve their personal goals and further their education. City Sound members come from the diverse population of the inner city of Los Angeles.

City Sound's program is based on discipline, performing arts education, and personal growth activities. City Sound's program has been recognized by the Los Angeles Unified School District's Beyond the Bell Branch Arts Programs for its mentoring, the celebration of diversity, and its community involvement playing. With racial tensions growing in the Los Angeles inner city among the African - American and Latino populations, City Sound's program brings the community together by not only involving the youth but by involving parents, grandparents and other extended family members, as well as the community.

Mission: City Sound's mission is to provide to its members the finest performing arts education available anywhere. Although competitive in nature, City Sound sees the activity primarily as a learning experience. Emphasis is placed on self-motivation, geared toward individual achievement of common goals. It is an education designed to help members become the best they can be. It can be the education of a lifetime!
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