We, The World



OBJECTIVEWe, The World intends to create something the world has not seen before - a large scale, ethics-driven movement that broadcasts the following crucial message: A significant portion of humanity is becoming actively engaged in building a world that works for all.This message is necessary to halt and reverse the "common sense" that has been dominating our planet: look out for yourself no matter what the consequences for other people, animals or our environment.

Mission: The mission of We, The World is to maximize social change - globally. We are working to awaken a spirit of caring and involvement in the public so that millions of people begin to see themselves as part of one global interdependent community - and actively take part in creating a world that works for all! Working with an extraordinarily accomplished team, we have begun the process of building an unprecedented critical mass of individuals, organizations and coalitions whose efforts to create a caring world will be highly visible and accessible. We are forming global networks of collaboration between groups and individuals involved with: human rights, ecology and animal concerns, peace and nonviolence, creating ethical economic systems, creating cultures of caring, self-sustaining green communities, personal and societal health and transformation, and many others whose work concerns the interests of literally billions of people and other life on our planet.
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