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Innovate Animal Rescue




We are a nationwide animal rescue organization dedicated to applying principles of innovation to the world of animal rescue. Not only do we save animals from threats of cruelty, neglect, homelessness and euthanasia, but we actively try to solve the problems in society that cause animal suffering. Our mission is to not only save lives but one day prevent them from needing saving.

As we grow, our goal is to tackle some of the high kill rates in shelters by offering support, advice, and helping place some of the thousands of dogs that overflow shelters each year. However, that we do not stop there.

Some examples of programs being launched include:

  • Dog and Cat Rescue from High Kill Shelters
  • Senior and Animal Connection Programs
  • Youth Education and Clubs
  • Wildlife and Reptile Rescue
  • Service and Working Dog Placements

However, we need people! Particularly, we need passionate people. People who love to see the difference made as a dog about to die gets to sleep on a bed for the first time. People who get uplifted knowing that they have done something that has left the world for the better.

For those of you who meet this description, we look forward to working with you to save animals lives everywhere.

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