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We are looking for people with an interest in helping others learn. Our organization provides after school homework help, reading and math tutorials and pre and post test assessments. On Tuesday -Thursdays, 4:30 to 6:30 we need additional math tutors with algebra to calculus math skills - or some nights you may only need to use your 1 st through 6 th grade skills. An added volunteer bonus would be tutors with Spanish, ESL; w/s special needs children and Science skills, and skills working.

Students also have access to computers and educational games to assist in their learning. A sense of humor is always a plus and tons of patience to help a young mind become a creative mind.

Impact Areas : Children, Youth & Adult Tutoring; Mentoring for Children & Youth & Other

Interests : The interests recommended for this project are Mentoring / Tutoring at-risk youth and on occasion helping their parents become more literate adults

Skills : Teaching / Tutoring/ Technology / Patience

Mission: To provide the learning tools to individuals of all ages to achieve their highest potential at home, in school, the work place and as proactive community members.
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