Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission



Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission is a community building organization whose mission is to provide training, education and social services in the Pico-Aliso/Boyle Heights district of East Los Angeles. Proyecto Pastoral coordinates five community based programs.

Our Vision

The Community is empowered to address evolving challenges and practices community solidarity. Proyecto Pastoral serves as a model for similar communities of empowerment and community participation in self and social transformation.

Our Values

Community Potential: We work side-by-side with others to better realize the positive and just potential in our communtiies. Our actions are guided by a sense of gratitude and humility.

Community Justice: The promotion of spirituality and justice are integrated and are manifested by how we build relationships.

Community Change: Community participation and leadership development are integral to our vision of community change.

Community Discernment: We believe in continuous improvement and our actions come from individual and group discernment.

Community Solidarity: We believe in promoting justice and the dignity of all human life. This motivates our actions and calls us to be in solidarity with others
4 People | 12 Impacts | 56 Hours