The Blazers



Program and Services:

I. Community Health for Youth and Family

Healthy Lifestyles - We will facilitate community driven changes in local environments (i.e., nutrition, food access, behaviors), including raise nutritional awareness, food access, healthy behaviors, safety and fitness, poor nutrition environments and policies

Economic Empowerment - We assist with the need to integrate human development with community development. Community development focuses on the advancement of social and economic justice; combined with grassroots organization to build power and make change.

II. Youth Empowerment for Leadership

Educational Support & Intervention - We provide academic support and enrichment activities for youth and their families.

Leadership Development - We provide students, particularly High School students with life skills and support to assist their preparedness and growth.

III. Environmental Science & Technology for Quality Community Life

Environmental Awareness & Advocacy - We have developed an urban model designed to provide affordable access to nutritious food choices. We support a healthy and an environmentally friendly community lifestyle by educating children and their family about environmental protection and advocacy.

CommunityInformationTechnologyCenter - We address the lack of access to current technologies, lack of technical and informational literacy and homeownership of technology in the community by creating a free community technology center at our facility.

Mission: As the Blazers Youth Services Community Club, we are dedicated to improve community health by empowering individuals to promote and practice the healthy lifestyles and behaviors necessary to build positive, proactive healthy communities.
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