ESHC of Jacksonville, Inc.



ESHC was formed in 1978 by a group of concerned and engaged social services agencies and downtown religious leaders

As a Lead Agency for Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties, ESHC assists member organizations in applying for and receiving federal grant money, develops the local homeless Continuum of Care plan and coordinates the delivery of services for the homeless and those with extremely low incomes.

Mission: The Emergency Services & Homeless Coalition of Northeast Florida, Inc. is committed to coordinating efforts to raise, distribute and manage resources for preventing and ending homelessness.
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My nonprofit provides vital record acquisition to anyone who is homeless, at risk of homelessness, or low income without the need to be a client of any other agency. Due to Hurricane Michael, the nonprofit was relocated to Jacksonville, FL. Our funding for the past four years has come from Mexico Beach, the hardest hit area of the hurricane. We are actively seeking funding, but even without it, we are able to assist any individual who is in need if they are gold star compliant with the DMV. If not gold star compliant, meaning that they have shown their documents since 2010, and they are now on file with the DMV, we will provide financial assistance for obtaining the needed documents once funding is secured. We are the Homeless Identification Program, Inc. We assisted over 400 individuals a year while in Bay County, FL, and we are hoping to provide this assistance here. Jacksonville will obviously have a larger number of individuals in need of this service. @IncorporatedHip 850-532-9737 Thank you for all that you do for the homeless.♥