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Children's Home Society of Florida is proud to announce that, effective December 27, 2010 it has launched a mentoring program called M.O.D.E.L. (Mentors Opening Doors and Enriching Lives) in Jacksonville! This program seeks to match responsible adult volunteer mentors from the community with children ages 4 to 17 , who have an incarcerated parent. The mentor and child will be matched together based on common interests, experiences of the mentor and needs of the child. Once matched, they will spend one hour per week together for one year. Together, they can go to the park, play sports, work on homework, or just enjoy one anothers company!

Children who have an incarcerated parent face many hardships and have a greatly increased risk of falling into unproductive or illegal behaviors. It is a proven fact that children who have a mentor are less likely to fall into some of these traps and in general, do better in school and in social settings. If you really want to make a positive impact on a child and your community, we invite you to check out the MODEL program by calling 904-493-8318!

Mission: Embracing Children.
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