American Lung Association



The American Lung Association of Florida serves as the communities primary resource for information and services related to COPD, asthma, lung cancer, influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, smoking cessation, second-hand smoke, outdoor and indoor air pollution, occupational lung disease and radon. We provide support groups for patients and families with lung disease, helping them attain the best quality of life possible as they cope with their disease. We support research efforts in all areas of lung disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, with a special emphasis on finding better treatment methods and eventually a cure for asthma. We offer education for children and families with asthma, teaching children to manage their disease to keep them in school, at home,and out of doctors' offices and emergency rooms. We provide public education about the dangers of tobacco, providing cessation opportunities for youth and adults who want to quit smoking, and education for children with the goal of preventing them from ever becoming addicted to tobacco.

Mission: To prevent lung disease and promote lung health.
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