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The LeaderSpark ModelFor organizations looking to provide leadership skills development, LeaderSpark offers a proven curriculum. The LeaderSpark model is based on "Awareness, Practice and Application" as the three methods to develop and support emerging leaders today and to strengthen groups and communities tomorrow."Awareness," both of self and of others, is built into all aspects of the curriculum. Program participants are encouraged to become more aware of their personal leadership behaviors and the behaviors of others. "Practice" is reflected in the structure of the topic sessions. Youth participants are not passive learners, but rather are actively engaged in large and small group interactions, discussing issues relevant to them, their organizations and their projects. "Application" is the overall goal of the LeaderSpark training. The awareness, knowledge, skills and practiced behaviors of group leadership can be applied immediately. The curriculum deals with real problems and offers practical solutions.

Mission: LeaderSpark develops young leaders by providing a practical leadership skills curriculum, coaching, and training support though partnership with organizations.Values Key values of LeaderSpark are:
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