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Lady Butterflies is dedicated to the support of all women and teen girls. We offer information, support, mentoring, and advocacy to all women and teen girls who need assistance as they transition through challenges in their lives. Our social supportive services are designed to assist them through a period of transformation and empower them to move life forward, become self-directed, self-motivated, and self-confident in the process.

Services we provide:

- Academic Tutoring K-12 / GED

- Bi-Monthly Community Support Group Sessions

- Community & Employment Resources

- Emergent Financial Assistance (when funds available)

- "Extraordinary Women in the Making" Mentoring & Leadership for Teen Girls

- Fundraising & Social 'Creating Connections' Networking Events

- Life Skills Enrichment Workshops

- "Loving My Body P.H.A.T." [Physically Healthy And Toned] Fitness Fun

- Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) Services

- Play Dates for Women

- "Sister Friends" Advocacy for Women

Mission: To empower, encourage, and provide supportive services to all women and teen girls by helping to increase their range of opportunities, activities, skills, roles, and rights. To provide educational opportunities for them to meet as individuals and in groups, provide information and referrals to community resources, and initiate other Life Skills Workshops to secure and enhance their quality of life. We strive to help women and teen girls develop the leadership skills needed to become strong and productive for themselves, their families and their communities.
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