Orphan World Relief



Our vision is to help orphanages and orphan relief providers create an environment of safety and support, meeting their basic human needs by providing them with basic financial support. Often, non profit agencies spend a great deal of time, effort and resources raising support. Our job is to raise the support for them while they fight the battle for orphaned children where needed across the globe.

Fund RaisingFund raising will be ongoing and cover four major areas: 1. Large Corporate Gifts: One time gifts by companies, organizations and philanthropists will be sought. 2. Ongoing Corporate Grants: A regular financial commitment (whether annual, monthly etc.) will provide long-term sustaining dollars for orphanages as opposed to one-time gifts. Both the Large Gifts and Ongoing Grants will take considerable effort to obtain and work to maintain the relationship to ensure ongoing support. 3. Individual Giving: Target groups will be identified and sought after as sources of individual giving. Direct marketing campaigns will begin in the second or third year. 4. Government Aid: From time-to-time government aid is available in the form of grants to small businesses and relief efforts.

Mission: Orphan World Relief seeks to provide financial aid to relief efforts for the millions of orphaned children around the world. The number of orphaned children in the world over 147 million and is a tragedy of the twenty-first century and it is growing worse daily.
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