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The Homeless Families Foundation (HFF), established in 1986, is a private nonprofit organization whose vision is to contribute to the reduction of generational homelessness in our community by providing the highest quality customer-focused services that set the standard of practice for all service providers. HFF receives homeless children and their families from the system crisis entry point and oversees their care as they work toward overcoming the barriers that initially caused them to become homeless. In 2011, HFF served 240 families, including 495 children, and 86% were successfully moved to permanent housing.

HFF makes a difference in the lives of families through programs that provide the stability needed to acquire jobs, housing and a chance at a better life. We provide:

Case Management to help families regain support and stability on their paths to permanent housing.Life Skills interventions focused on mentoring and/or modeling of skills required for families to be successful in permanent housing.The Dowd Education Center (DEC), providing state-of-the-art afterschool and summer programs for children in grades kindergarten through middle school. The Dowd Education Center served 164 school aged childre during the 2010/2011 school year. During this time, 97.4% of these children improved their math skills and 95.8% improved and/or maintained their reading skills. A wide variety of enrichment activities were also offered at the DEC to help children improve social and developmental skills. A secure playground at the Dowd Education Center with age appropriate equipment, basketball courts, a vegetable garden, trees, picnic tables and benches.

Mission: To provide housing assistance, support, stability and nurturing for homeless children and their families as they prepare to acquire and maintain permenent housing.
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