Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services



Our purpose is to provide programs and services to central Ohio refugees and immigrants ("New Americans"), adults and youth, that encourage:

community integrationsustained employmenteducationstrong families

We continue our commitment to New Americans through our growing number of programs and services offered which provide the opportunity for advancement and services for family support.

We serve people from over 33 different countries. We are unique in our ability to provide culturally appropriate services in English and in many of our clients' native languages. As most of our staff are also refugees or immigrants, they fully understand the cultural adjustments facing New Americans.

We have become a trusted source for support in both the funding and New American community. We work to bridge the gap between the New American community and the often-challenging, traditional American social services system. Our main areas of focus are youth development and adult literacy and job placement.

Mission: To assist immigrant and refugee families and low income individuals in Central Ohio improve the quality of their lives, and to facilitate integration through education, training, supportive services, and self-development opportunities, and to increase awareness of the culture and heritage of Central Ohios immigrant and refugee population.
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