Handy Hearts, Inc.



Through intense fundraising events and honorable sponsorships, Handy Hearts, Inc. will bring this mission to life. The community will also gain knowledge in cancer prevention and therapy support as several of our fundraising events will bring awareness through professional speakers providing healthy lifestyle seminars. Anyone diagnosed with cancer deserves the best battle their body can fight with the best quality of life, without the stress of not having the proper resources. Handy Hearts, Inc. will provide a helping hand for healing hearts!

Mission: Handy Hearts, Inc. firmly believes in treating the body as a whole through nutrition and exercise, the best line of defense in battling cancer. In addition to a one room home remodel project, we will provide 60 days of qualified, professional therapies such as: nutrition coaching, massage therapy, personal training, and also, chiropractic care/physical therapy when the insurance policy does not cover these services. Periodically, Handy Care Packages will be provided for additional cancer patients wishing for health support. As well as Handy Hearts Care Packages for Caregivers!
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