W.E.C. Institute, Inc.



The W.E.C. Institute is an independent science and technology based research organization, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to conduct Broad Spectrum Research and Analysis with goals of improving the world around us and cultivating an expanded educational environment encouraging youth to continue with education. We are a diversified research and development organization creating integrated technology systems by dusting off old technology, merging it with current and emerging technology, to produce new and improved products and services.

Mission: The WEC Institute is an independent physics and technology based think tank with the primary aim of expanding human knowledge. We encourage the discovery of solutions to the complex problems facing mankind by facilitating interaction among researchers, intellectuals, and the public. By utilizing Broad Spectrum Research and Analysis we simultaneously integrate multiple fields of science and technology to create a dynamic research and development environment. We are equally determined to create a world class outreach program to actively inspire youth to follow in our footsteps
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