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In March, Redford Tutoring Program start twice per week tutoring in the library, as part of Redford Township's Build-a-Better-Redford. The program is a partnership between Redford government, the school districts, local businesses & employees, the library, and the Redford community.The program gives 3rd-8th grade students free one-on-one tutoring at the Redford Library, two days per week. Students work with volunteers on homework and school projects, which reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.Michigan students are shown to be behind a majority of their peers in other states and would greatly benefit from one-on-one academic help. Recent research has shown that local students are in great need of additional tutoring to catch up to their grade level.For more information go to

Mission: Redford Tutoring is a free, 100% volunteer-based organization helping Redford Township students in grades 3-8. Our mission is:
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