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Project Transformation - Tennessee

Thank you for your interest in serving with Project Transformation!
View our volunteer opportunities below and contact us at 615-810-9620 with any questions.



Project Transformation's mission is to engage young adults in purposeful ministry and leadership, support children in holistic development, and connect churches with communities. 

We live out our mission through the three Cs: children, college students, and churches. All three Cs come together in our collaborative program model, through which college-age young adults implement literacy and social-emotional interventions with children, strategically housed in churches. We believe that transformation happens through relationships. It is in the holy space between each C that transformation occurs. 

Our communities: Nashville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Memphis

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I want to help trinity lane church with Summer Reading
Hi Yolanda! Thank you so much for your willingness to help! Now that you are a member of the Project Transformation Tennessee group, you can log in to, then click on My Activity > Groups > Project Transformation Tennessee > scroll down to Events and search for "Trinity". You can then register for the days that work for you! I will also go ahead and send you a background check request via email. Please call our office at 615-810-9620 if you have any questions! — Taylor Davenport Taylor Davenport on June 16, 2019
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I signed up and went to Centenary UMC last year for 4 days. The varied skills of 2 young guys, both very different made me want to return and 4 days turned into 18-19.
I'm anxious to see what they have accomplished this last school year. I hope that both are present this year
Thank you for sharing that wonderful story, Bill. We are thankful for you! -PT Tennessee — Taylor Davenport Taylor Davenport on June 2, 2019
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I would like to help read with a child on Wednesday, June 5 at New Providence. I helped last year and will be moving from town this summer. Am looking forward to volunteering once more... : - )
Thanks for your help !! Laurie Hynson email at
Hi Laurie! I just registered you for Wednesday June 5 at New Providence UMC! You should have received an email notification. When i signed you up, I checked that you understand the following: "I am verifying that I understand I must have a cleared criminal background check run in the last four years to work with children at Project Transformation. I verify that I have not had a criminal allegation since my last background check. If I do not have a current background check, I will contact my volunteer group leader (if volunteering with church or other group) or the PT office at 615-810-9620 (if volunteering individually) for background check instructions. *Applies to volunteers age 18 and up." THANK YOU for investing in the children of Clarksville. We're grateful! — Taylor Davenport Taylor Davenport on May 28, 2019
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Taylor: I am trying to register to help with dinner on June 6, but I can't find it on this list. It lists only 11 events and skips from June 4 to July 18. Are there pages missing?
Hi Linda Ray! If you click the calendar icon on the Events section above (next to the list icon and map icon), you’ll be able to see “PT Intern Meal at Belmont University Commons” on June 6th at 5:45. You can click on that to register. OR from the list view, you can search for “PT Intern Dinners at Belmont University Commons”. You can click the event, then register for June 6th! Thank you! — Taylor Davenport Taylor Davenport on May 22, 2019
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I am volunteering to help assess and read with student at New Providence UMC In Clarksville. Madison Street UMC time to volunteer is June 4, 5, and 6th. I helped assess students last year and will be willing to do so this year, Thanks, Jean Ann Miller e-mail at
Thanks, Jean Ann! I will contact you via email! — Taylor Davenport Taylor Davenport on May 20, 2019
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