Towards Employment



Our single focus is jobs: we help people prepare for a job, get a job, keep that job, and move into a career.

We serve men and women transitioning off welfare, with limited work history, unstable housing, without a high school diploma, and/or having a criminal background - all of whom currently live near or below poverty, are without work but are seeking the dignity and financial reward that comes with stable employment.

We also serve low-wage entry-level employees who need help to retain their jobs and position themselves for advancement.

Our programs and our community partnerships allow us to respond to the unique needs of the population we serve - and to move them along a pathway to employment.

Our holistic approach has resulted in thousands of successful full-time job placements and high rates of job retention. We help improve Clevelands economy - by saving taxpayers thousands of dollars in welfare payments, prison costs and other social services. We help local employers find and keep reliable staff. And at the same time, we change lives and strengthen families - one job at a time.

Mission: We empower people to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through employment.
18 People | 161 Impacts | 242 Hours

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