Region 6 - San Antonio


This is for all the CRT members in the DPS San Antonio Region.
579 People | 14 Impacts | 100 Hours




Also, I am not sure if I have a badge or T shirt. Please remind me of what they look like so I can check. Thanks!
Hello Dan,
I am going to bow out for this round. I am in the process of slowly moving to Boerne and have folks coming in and out of both homes to pick up or drop off things. I am also being trained to substitute at the schools so I probably need to sit this one out. Please keep me in the loop.
Dan, I have come to SA twice to participate in your ERTs as a chaplain-social worker volunteer.
I registered and have an ERT badge with photo. Is this not still on record and what else do I need to do to be updated. I am awaiting events in Boerne area to which to be commissioned. Last meeting we were told this was all being organized and we would receive further info as to how the teams would go. I haven't heard anything since my last training there at the base we came to (that was so hard to find)!
I am not able to be of service in SA beyond UTSA--THe Rim.

Jenny Russell