CPED 6534 Professional Internship in Secondary Education

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CPED 6534 Professional Internship in Secondary Education is open only to Secondary Education M.Ed. students. The secondary education students are pursing teaching licensure across a range of subject areas, including English language arts, ESL, foreign languages, math, social studies, and science.  


The course runs three times throughout the students' program: summer, fall, spring.  Each semester the course has different field-based experiences and a different purpose. Each semester requires a level of community-engaged fieldwork: the summer students are engaged with community-based organizations, then in the fall and the spring students are working in schools. Each semester the fieldwork is supported by a bi-weekly seminar.  

(Traditional - Placement)
CPED 6354: CPED 6354 Community Engaged Teaching -
Summer 2019
21 People | 133 Impacts | 639 Hours

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Reminder! If you've done your training please log your hours with your group and for your class this link takes you to a power point that will guide you https://gwu.box.com/s/gqfjcnxrd74hea77q9kdixw5eng9e8sg for many of you your organization is affiliated with the class. From this page-you can click the organization's icon, click "add impact" and then click the box to share with your course so that instructors can see your hours. There is a place to indicate training vs. service on the form. Have a great summer with your students and let me know if you need any help!
Hello Students,
Thank you for your service!

For your TB test vouchers please complete the google form at this link go.gwu.edu/nashmanTB after doing so you can stop by the Nashman Center small white house diagonally across the street from Whole Foods (open 9-5 M-F) and pick up a voucher to get the test done at Student Health. Please put Dr. Sheppard's name on the form since she is the instructor of record for this Nashman Designated course.