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1PWR is a fast-growing startup based in Lesotho with the mission to bring electricity to undeserved communities in developing countries. We provide affordable and reliable electricity services to off-grid villages, giving families, schools, health clinics, and local businesses the opportunity to thrive. We are passionate about our work and proud to make a positive impact in communities across the globe.


OnePower is currently undertaking two large projects in Lesotho that address the need for energy access from different angles. First, to support energy security in Lesotho, OnePower is the developer of Lesotho's first solar PV power plant, a 20MW grid-connected project. Second, to address the needs of communities outside of the utility's service area, OnePower is in the development phase of a 25 mini-grid project, which will begin to be installed in rural communities in Lesotho in 2019.

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