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One Love Pit Bull Foundation is a nonprofit organization that advocates for pit bull type dogs with a focus on shelter programs, pet retention, community outreach and sterilization.

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One Love believes that shelter enrichment programs are a necessity. Many dogs have trouble adjusting to shelter life and need a little extra help getting adopted. The Shelter Dog Program ("SDP") was established in 2015 to assist local shelters with Pit Bull type dogs who are at risk and/or long time residents. One Loves Volunteers become an anchor for our shelter dogs during their time at the shelter. They provide love, enrichment, exercise and time away from the shelter. volunteers also get to know the dogs very well which allows us to market them properly, because our end goal is getting them into the perfect home. 
One Love Shelter Dog Program Video

Many of the dogs entering the shelter system are strays, or haven't had the best life before arriving. A simple bath can make a world of difference in how a shelter dog feels in the stressful environment. Helping the dogs feel fresh and clean doesn't just make the dogs feel great, but a good smelling pup is a plus to potential adopters! Bath day for shelter pups
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