Teen Moms Fresh Start



Teen Moms Fresh Start provides Educational Programs, Workshops and Activities, as well as support, to families in local Maryland communities. Through Education and Support, families learn to care for themselves, as well as each other, in addition to learning a skill or trade that will provide them with successful employment.

Teen Moms Fresh Start was founded by the Mom of a Teen Mom. This inside knowledge, research, and understanding, led this Mom to create an organization to help many other families learn important information and skills needed to help their own families.

The Educational Housing Program, is one of many Programs designed by Tanya L. Taylor. Through Education, Life Experience, and Research, Mrs. Taylor knew the difference education and support would bring to many who were unable to follow the college bound road to education.

Mission: Teen Moms Fresh Start, a local 501c3 nonprofit organization, provides educational and life skills workshops and activities to teen and young moms and dads. Our Mission is to help to increase the number of high school and higher education graduates, while providing life skills programs necessary to manage household finances, healthy meals, multiple parenting technique workshops, etc. Through a graduation perspective, not an age out system, we provide support and education to help families secure a stable future.
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