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Founded over a decade ago in a middle-school Community Action class, Youth Dreamers Inc. is a youth-founded, youth-led non-profit which operates the Dream House, Baltimore's only youth-run youth center. The Youth Dreamers and their community partners worked tirelessly to find, purchase, and completely renovate and abandoned house on Carswell St. in Baltimore's Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello neighborhood. Open since May 2010 the Dream house is a warm, vibrant, and inviting space where the Youth Dreamers, a core group of engaged and passionate middle and high school students, can fulfill their mission to provide youth with a supportive environment and leadership and management skills while changing the perception of youth in the community.

At the Dream House young people in Baltimore can learn, lead, and teach in the peer-tutored Homework Club; explore their creativity in poetry, drama, and community arts programs; experience a world of exciting new things in workshops taught by members of the community, have a safe, warm, and inviting place to hang out with their friends after school; and keep the Dream House alive by writing grants, organizing fundraisers, and planning community events.

Mission: Youth Dreamers Inc. provides a unique safe haven through its Dream House with opportunities for youth to accomplish personal goals, develop leadership potential, and participate in improving their communities.
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