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Digital Harbor prepares students for both college and careers in the technology industry. Students major in one of four career and technology pathways: Information Support and Services, Programming, Networking, and Interactive Media and Video. Students also engages in rigorous study in English, Mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, health, physical education and fine arts. Upon graduation, Digital Harbor Students earn a Maryland diploma. Additionally, students who complete four or six credits in their technology pathway are awarded a career and technology (CTE) certificate endorsed by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Students are also afforded the opportunity to take industry level tests for international certification in a technology field.

The vision for Digital Harbor High School started in 2000 when then-Baltimore schools Chief Carmen V. Russo wanted to create a high school for computer studies in downtown Baltimore. Southern High School was the chosen site for the new school because it had suffered low graduation rates and disorder in recent years. The school went through a multi-million dollar revamp to become the school it is today. The pupil transition from the old Southern High School began in 2002 with the entering 9th graders inaugurating the new school. With the graduation of Southern High School's last Class of 2005, all grade levels for Digital Harbor High School were phased in. In 2009, the National Academy Foundation High School, which was located on the first floor of Digitals campus moved to another site, freeing up space for an additional 300 students.

Even with the positive changes the school has gone through, Digital Harbor still faces low graduation rates, high drop out rates, and low High School Assessment scores. This is why we need your help. Please join us in creating a brighter and better city through our youth. Become a volunteer at Digital Harbor.

Mission: Digital Harbor High School's mission is to prepare students for technology careers, college, and responsible citizenship.
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