Humane Society of Louisiana



Established in 1988, the Humane Society of Louisiana leads the fight against cruelty to animals statewide. We are a private, independent charity based in New Orleans. We rely solely on private donations for support.

Most Louisiana parishes and towns have no services to help lost, injured, or homeless animal companions. In fact, more than 50% of Louisiana's communities are without animal shelters, wildlife rehab or pet rescue programs. Many existing shelters are little more than "dog pounds" which capture and destroy "nuisance" animals. No state agency has enforcement power to inspect, license or monitor such facilities, so our agency has taken on the job for more than 20 years.

The Humane Society of Louisiana works to expand animal care services statewide. We operate volunteer chapters in communities where no other programs exist; we conduct cruelty investigations training workshops for law enforcement officers, and we offer a variety of hands-on animal care programs.

We are committed to defending all animals from cruelty, abuse and exploitation, wherever they may suffer.

Mission: The Humane Society of Louisiana promotes nonviolence and compassion for animals through cruelty investigations, crime prevention, humane education and animal care programs.
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