The arcHIVe project



We are an organization founded on four principles: art, community, education and fundraising. We believe that art is an incredibly powerful medium that has the power to educate, unite despite our misunderstandings and differences, and can be a tool to help needy AIDS Service Organizations raise much needed funds. We believe that isolation is not always helpful and that bringing together those who have been affected by HIV and AIDS can help us all understand these diseases and cope with their realities. It is always better to be among friends. We believe that our collective stories and experiences can help educate the greater community on the realities of HIV/AIDS and through education we can begin to breakdown the stigmas and stereotypes that still surround these diseases. Lastly, we believe in aiding, in any way possible, the fundraising efforts of local AIDS Service Organizations. Funding is being cut, more and more each year, and that disparity needs to be addressed. We want to use the resources at our disposal to do what we can to help keep these organizations providing the necessary services they provide to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mission: The mission of The arcHIVe project is to raise awareness of and promote a sense of community among those that are living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS. In order to help educate the greater community and breakdown the stereotypes that exist for people living with HIV and AIDS, the individual stories of those affected by these diseases will be recorded, archived and shared. It is our hope that these stories will offer insight and instill a sense of community, provide an educational tool for those struggling with an understanding of these diseases and their realities, and to support projects that bring to life a greater understanding of the impact that HIV and AIDS has on our world. The arcHIVe will be open to lending items from our library, and supporting in any way possible, fundraising efforts for organizations that provide services to those who are living with HIV and AIDS.
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