Next Generation of Service



*Service-Oriented Mentorship *

Represents a new approach to career counseling by focusing on the individual, their passions, their unique strengths, and the specific social injustices that stir them. This is done by:

- Educating students on existing service opportunities (i.e. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, Idealist, Jewish partnership programs, Catholic partnership programs, etc). - Counseling and supporting young people through difficult choices, existing fears, and challenges to undertaking service, such as family pressure. - Providing practical information and advice on commencing service, such as living on a stipend, deferring student loan payments, etc. - Fostering a community of like-minded and supportive individuals for students who otherwise feel alone, or like everyone else "has it all figured out"

*Creating New Service Opportunities*

Alongside educating students about existing service opportunities, NGS will work with non-profits to carve out and create new long-term or stipend-supported volunteer options. This will be done through:

- Forming partnerships with companies that offer part-time positions and benefits. - Identifying community members willing to house a volunteer. - Eliciting donations to specifically support living stipends.

*Advocacy and Promotion of Service*

As part of being a movement that inspires individuals to incorporate service into any career path, NGS will inform diverse communities about the opportunities for service, and the widespread benefits that it holds. This will be done in such ways as:

- Sharing stories of people who have participated in service via social media, a blog, and podcasts. - Keeping people informed about trends within different social change movements, and how to get involved through a variety of outreach methods. - Advocating local politicians and government bodies to support more service-oriented funding, student loan deferment options, and other policies that greater facilitate service opportunities.

Mission: Next Generation of Service connects young people to social change organizations by offering vocational mentorship and promoting leadership service as part of their career paths. It is our vision to empower young people to chart viable professional lives that work toward the betterment of humanity.
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