Little River Wetlands Project



At Little River Wetlands Project (LRWP), we get our boots muddy while working towards the highest goals – quality of life, improvement and sustainment of our natural resources – for the betterment of our community.
Our mission is to restore and protect wetlands in the historic watershed of the Little River, a major tributary of the Wabash River, and to provide educational opportunities that encourage good stewardship of wetlands and other natural ecosystems.

Little River Wetlands Project (LRWP) protects more than 1,200 acres of wetlands in the Little River watershed. In addition to Eagle Marsh, Arrowhead Marsh, Arrowhead Prairie and Buttonbush Bottoms, LRWP also co-owns Little River Landing with ACRES Land Trust.  Our preserves are open to the public, free of charge 365 days a year.  We offer engaging educational programming to community members of all ages and abilities, complimentary of our donors and volunteers who make all this possible. 

We are a volunteer driven organization, we need you!
168 People | 135 Impacts | 351 Hours