Classics 4 Kids



Founded in 1994, the non-profit organizations reaches more than 20,000 school children annually. Our comprehensive music education programs feature professional musicians and performing artists to introduce children to the same high caliber performances as concerts enjoyed by adults. The organization provides outstanding, innovative productions and presentations of literacy based classical music concerts that are aligned with state content standards. Programs include comprehensive educational materials to provide teachers and parents with tools for helping children develop a lifelong appreciation of classical music. Weekday school concerts and Sunday family concerts expose children to classical music and offer teachers and families a tool to support curricular activities through music and the arts. The Classics for Kids Philharmonic is a professional ensemble. Classics for Kids maintains the highest quality in all aspects of its concerts.

Mission: Classics 4 Kids is dedicated to using music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement through professional orchestra concerts and integrated arts curriculum. Improving the quality of education for our students today improves the quality of life for us all tomorrow.
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