City Heights Community Development Corporation



We are people who live, work and/or play in City Heights, a community with over 80,000 residents. The CHCDC has eleven Board member seats, approximately 25 staff positions and over 100 public members and many more volunteers and project participants. Over 30 languages and dialects are spoken in City Heights. We envision a community where quality of life standards are recognized and public and private investment continues to increase to achieve a higher quality of life for everyone in City Heights.We seek to give residents the opportunities to choose to improve their education, prepare, obtain and retain a job, a better job and a career which makes it possible for them to stay and personally invest in City Heights. We are building a community where people respect each other regardless of their country of origin, language, or economic station.

Mission: "To enhance the quality of life in City Heights by working with our community to create quality affordable housing and livable neighborhoods, foster economic self sufficiency and stimulate investment."
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