San Diego Art Institute



EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Expand on current innovative educational programs that advance the arts through a marriage of technology and classic design principles. Re-introduce visual arts into regional schools through partnerships and increased opportunities for youth art educational programs. Introduce a full set of adult art education courses for developing, emerging, and professional artists. EXHIBITION PROGRAMS: Expand public awareness of the House of Charm regional artists and David Fleet Youth Art Exhibits. Develop new and alternative exhibitions providing new opportunities for developing, emerging, and professional artists to show their work. Present exhibitions for youth art, closely tied to education and at-risk youth outreach programs. OUTREACH PROGRAMS: Expand current at-risk youth in art programs. Develop and implement on-going international exchanges between artists in San Diego and other major international cities. Expand and develop new public awareness to events such as the Sony Art Walk.

Mission: To make San Diego a nationally and internationally recognized living arts community that fully integrates visual arts into everyday life through education, exhibition, and outreach.
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