Youth Venture




Youth Ventures mission is to build a movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now, by:

Investing in young people to have the transformative experience of launching and leading their own lasting Ventures;Creating a critical mass of young people who collectively redefine the youth years as a time of positive contribution;Spreading our message that investing in young people to become changemakers is the key factor for success in every part of society; andConnecting our Venturers to a global network of changemakers.

The clearest path to becoming a changemaker is to take initiative while youre young demonstrating to yourself and your community the capacity of youth to make a positive contribution.Everyone can be a changemaker regardless of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender and sexual orientation, religion, or political beliefs.Individuals who are and perceive themselves to be changemakers are more likely to be successful in life. They are more likely to be better educated, to be economically independent, to have a fulfilling career, and to be positive contributors to society.Communities - e.g. schools, institutions, cities and even businesses - that have a higher percentage of changemakers are likely to be more successful in a more complex world.

Mission: Youth Venture shares Ashoka vision of an Everyone A Changemaker world. A world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.
3 People | 2 Impacts | 8 Hours