Coalition for Refugees from Burma



Coalition for Refugees from Burma is a Washington State based, nonprofit Mutual Assistance Association and non-political entity striving to assist all refugees from Burma to become socially and economically self-sufficient, and become contributing members of the society by accessing educational opportunities, teaching job skills, strengthening family relationships, and promoting and preserving traditional customs. Coalition for Refugees from Burma reaches out to other local refugees communities and collaborates with similar nonprofit organizations to promote ethnic diversity, and encourage inclusiveness. A group of volunteers who have been assisting refugees for the past four years have decided to form a nonprofit organization as the services provided for needy refugees must expand further as the number of refugees grew. WA state is one of the top 10 states in US with number of refugees resettled. Refugees from Burma are the largest population of refugees being resettled in US for the past four years, and will continue to be for the next decade.
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