World Relief Seattle



World Relief works with volunteers, local churches, the community, the U.S. Department of State, and other NGOs to help refugees begin new lives in the Puget Sound area. Our goal is for refugees to become self-sufficient by empowering and aiding them in their journey of building a new life in America. Under a federal contract, we provide casework time, English language instruction, and job placement assistance, among other services. In the past year, we've welcomed more than 800 refugees to Seattle from countries as diverse as Burma, Iraq, Bhutan, Somalia, and Eritrea.

With World Relief's services and the help of a local volunteer network, these newcomers are able to build peaceful and productive new lives in America.

Mission: World Relief is a Christian organization that helps refugees fleeing political, social and religious persecution begin new lives in the Seattle area. Our mission is to empower the Church to serve the most vulnerable. Our vision is to see refugees become fully-functioning, integrated, and vibrant participants in society by helping them conquer the many hurdles along that path.
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