Global Visionaries



Global Visionaries carries out its mission through the yearlong Youth Leadership Program, which provides diverse groups of high school students with a global perspective, empowering them to understand the intrinsic relationships between local and international social and environmental justice issues and volunteer work. This program culminates with the Service-Learning and Cultural Immersion Trip to Guatemala, which extends, internationally, our students' local commitment to service. Locally, our students engage in "Work Teams" revolving around micro-lending, fair trade and environmental restoration. Through anti-oppression training, our students learn to respectfully interact across cultures and promote peace and cooperation among diverse peoples.

Mission: Seattle-based Global Visionaries mission is to empower young people to become global leaders in creating a just and sustainable future. Global Visionaries educates and empowers youth to become active leaders and global citizens who promote social and environmental justice through volunteer work at home and abroad.
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