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The Theodora has a rich history of serving those in need. Our near-century of service has been dedicated to the most vulnerable populations including seniors, veterans and the disabled.

We reach and uplift our community by being the provider of choice to individuals in need of the services we offer. We choose those services deliberately and strategically, ensuring that we are effective. The Theodora is a diverse community consisting of various cultural identities, ethnic backgrounds, age, and gender differences. The Theodora places a strong emphasis on interdependence between residents, facilitates a strong residential community, and encourages community-building activities; it has been a place of friendship, encouragement, hope, and diversity.

The Theodora works diligently to provide low-income seniors with affordable housing, access to health care, and basic living needs. Our foremost goal is to ensure our residents have the highest quality of life possible. We have a full kitchen that serves three meals a day, an Assisted Living program with a Registered Nurse and a staff of Certified Nursing Assistants and Caregivers, a housekeeping staff, as well as administrative.

Mission: The Theodora's mission is to provide quality life-enriching service and an affordable housing option to the community's aging population. We envision a community where all seniors have access to support services allowing seniors to agewith options.
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