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The Danny Woo International District Community Garden is a special urban park in the heart of downtown Seattle. Located adjacent to the City of Seattles Kobe Terrace Park, the Danny Woo Community Garden makes up part of 1.5 acres of the largest green space in Seattles Chinatown/International District (C/ID). The steeply terraced garden is comprised of nearly 100 plots, tended by about 70 elderly Asian gardeners. The garden is a place where gardening, food, and culture intersect as many of our elder immigrant gardeners grow crops and flowers with connections to their countries of origin. The Children's Garden is housed within the larger Danny Woo Garden and used as a sustainable agriculture teaching tool for youth and volunteers. We host a variety of activities, groups, volunteers, and an annual urban farming camp. We strive to be a teaching resource for educators and youth leaders looking to teach youth about sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and their cultural connection to food. We rely on volunteers and donations to help maintain the gardens vibrancy and to address basic safety needs like crumbling infrastructure. If youre interested in finding out how you can help preserve this unique green space. InterIm CDA has managed the Danny Woo Garden since it began in 1975. InterIm works to maintain the affordability, livability, and character of the International District. We develop community-based revitalization of Seattle's Asian Pacific American community.

Mission: The Danny Woo Children's Garden is located within the Danny Woo Community Garden, in the heart of Seattle's International District. Managed by InterIm CDA, a community development organization focused on serving the low- to middle-income Asian Pacific Islander community of Seattle. The Children's Garden seeks to continue the gardening knowledge of its elder gardeners by bringing youth into the garden. We hope to build a stronger sense of community within the International District and display the importance of sustainable agriculture to youth and volunteers.
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