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Making the Transition, Inc. (MTT) is a behavioral modification and life enrichment agency working with inner-city youth and young adults. MTT specializes in cognitive awareness, life skills training, vision building and helps participants create a healthier self-concept, while instilling evidence based practices essential for overcoming various social determinants and life barriers. We provide local governments, schools and non-profit partners with the supplemental support necessary for the populations they serve. We are the missing link to providing a holistic approach that strengthens the services and deliverables to ensure all youth have the skills and opportunities necessary to succeed.

We believe that people are born hopeful and naturally have a desire to learn, grow, contribute and achieve. If given the proper motivation, access to the tools necessary to succeed, a support system that cares, and a fair chance, children will grow into adults who are still hopeful. Hope is the most essential element to succeeding in life. Once a person loses hope, they will no longer strive to better themselves. Many youths lose hope because of unbearable life situations they cannot control, a negative worldview and/or self-image, lack of vital resources, negative influences, or because they do not have a clear vision for their life. By providing vital skills, affirmation from a constructive support system, enlightening and encouraging exposure, working as a team to create a realistic and optimistic life plan, and removing problematic habits - every youth will believe they can succeed and the hope they possess will allow them to overcome any issue.
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