Sailing Heritage Society



Since its founding in 1999, the Sailing Heritage Society has been dedicated to offering hope and helping in the recovery for those whose lives have been turned upside down by illness, homelessness, or family trauma. From young cancer patients to foster youth, each guest gets a reprieve from their day-to-day physical and emotional challenges, as our outdoor sail programs lift the burdens of illness and stress, offering renewal of mind and body. In our cruising and training programs, we provide children with cancer and other illnesses an alternative from the hospital and replace the realities of daily tests and treatments with the diversion of safe relaxation. These trips also build self-esteem and self-reliance through our more rigorous and extensive sail training program.

We offer three main programs serving ill children and at-risk youth through our many partner organizations:

- Our Respite Outing Program, designed to offer a reprieve for ill children and their caregivers;

- Our Youth Leadership Training Program, providing activities on the SHS-affiliated 65' Schooner, Mallory Todd, that foster communication, team-building, leadership, and responsibility, and that leads to increased self-esteem and resiliency against the depression commonly associated with serious illness or emotional challenges in children;

- Our Weekend Family Sails, where families can re-unite in their enjoyment of the outdoors within the comfort and safety of the Schooner Mallory Todd.

A fourth program, our Community Charter Donation Program, provides subsidized charter cruises to other non-profit organizations across Puget Sound to help raise funds for their services.

Mission: Sailing Heritage helps to brighten the lives of critically-ill and at-risk children and provides a means of respite and rejuvenation for family and care-givers through free trips and sail training on our classic 65' schooner.
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