SHADOW (Save Habitat And Diversity Of Wetlands)



The nexus of SHADOW is Shadow Lake Bog. This rare, fragile and ancient wetland is a true sphagnum peat bog. A boardwalk was constructed 600 feet into the bog. There is a lookout tower overlooking the amphibian pond and an Interpretive Center onsite where meetings are held and administrative and educational projects can be conducted. Tours through the bog and the Interpretive Center are by appointment.

Mission: The mission of S.H.A.D.O.W. Lake Nature Preserve is to Save Habitat and Diversity of Wetlands. We aim to ensure the sustainability of Shadow Lake Bog and other unique habitats within Jenkins Creek Basin through education, preservation and restoration. SHADOW provides direct support and assistance, both financial and non-financial, to landowners of environmentally sensitive property and to charitable organizations whose purpose is to preserve environmentally sensitive regions. The purpose for our support is to preserve these regions through the promotion of envirinmental research, public education and developing ecologically sensitive environmnental education facilities with the goal of maintaining and preserving the land for biological and wildlife preservation.
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