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We work in schools in south King County where too many children and youth face high barriers both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our integrated programs help students and their families to build the skills and assets they need for academic and personal success.

Children and YouthEducation is one of the most direct ways out of poverty, yet too many young people in our community face high barriers to academic success. CSC reduces barriers and increases opportunities for children & youth to succeed in school and in life.

Academic Support builds on learning during the school day, and helps students from K to 12 develop their skills and reach their academic goals.

Out-of School Time provides abundant opportunities for after-school enrichment, recreation, peer support and leadership.

Health Support connects students and families to health care and promotes healthy live choices, so that students enter the classroom ready to learn.

Transition Support helps students stay in school with support during crucial transitions between elementary, middle and high school.

College Readiness assists students to set high standards and access post-graduation opportunities.

FamiliesWhen families are fully engaged, children are more likely to achieve academic and personal success. CSC works closely with parents to gain the skills, information and access they need to become the leaders of their children's education.

Access to Services links parents to social services, ESL classes, literacy classes, and employment services which help them stabilize their lives and build stronger futures.

Parent Leadership facilitates parent engagement with the schools, and provides ongoing opportunities to take leadership roles in the community.

Bilingual/Bicultural Support in 5 languages provides translation and assistance at school meetings and activities to ensure that schools are accessible to all families.

Schools and CommunitiesStrong connections with schools and communities helps build safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. CSC facilitates key partnerships, leverages resources and connects students to broader opportunities in the community.

Coordination with Teachers helps identify students who need extra support, and fosters mutual respect and collaboration with families.

Partnerships help bring new resources to under-served communities, and help young people expand their goals and networks.

Advocacy and Technical Assistance contribute to a regional and national movement to build full-service community schools that transform communities and create pathways of opportunity for all students.

Mission: Vision: Schools are vibrant centers of thriving communities that provide essential services, resources and opportunities.
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