Gambia Health Education Liaison Project



We are a non-profit based in Seattle, Washington. We were founded in 1999 through the efforts of Shelby C. Tarutis, MPH who worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the country in 1980 - 1981. She speaks Mandinka and works with a group of Gambians in-country to supervise and monitor projects and funding. In Seattle, Gambia Health Education Liaison Project volunteers raise funds through engaging activities and events.

We use funds collected in the USA and through grants/foundations to dig wells, develop vegetable/fruit gardens, raise poultry to increase cash availability for child education, build libraries and to send a container each year full of computers, bicycles, books, clothing, bookcases, school supplies and backpacks. These items are gathered through donation drives and special gathering events.

Mission: We are a 501 (c)(3) organization that was founded to assist women and children in The Gambia, West Africa in areas of health and education. Our focus is in providing safe drinking water, the development of sustainable small businessfor women, funding education for girls and the building of schools, libraries, skill centers and cereal banks.
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