Model Family Mentorship Program



About Model Families Model Families is the primary sponsor of the Annual Seattle Family Kite Festival event which supports Youth & Family Wellness. The event is held during our primary fundraising season and many of the sponsorship dollars assist Model Families in continuing to host this and many wonderful events for families. The Model Family Mentorship Program works to strengthen over 165 low income and disadvanaged families throughout our partnered regions of Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane County. We provide family resource services, family & child literacy projects, computer & technology awareness projects for the entire e family, family goal building programs, educational book scholarships, and offer our unique " family to family" mentoring program all designed to strengthen and encourage families & the lives of children. All donations are tax deductible. Model Family Mentorship Program is a 501C non-profit organization in the State of Washington; funded privately through corporate partners & private community donations.

Mission: The Model Family Mentorship mission is to remain bold as we build strong family relationships and uplift family values across the nation through our commitment to the "extended family model". We believe that volunteerism, mentorship, and "grounded goal building for life" are the key formulas which best result in making a difference in a young families life. We will dedicate ourselves to the following fundamental principles as we honor each individual family we serve.
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