The Difference Maker Organization



The Difference Maker Organization is a certifying organization for the Call To Service Leadership Awards program started by President George W. Bush.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER, Mandy Schendel:

Mandy Schendel speaks nationally to children in schools about how they can instantly become a difference maker in their community. She teaches young children the "The Difference Maker Pledge," which is a mechanism to motivate elementary age kids. Instilling how to "lead and volunteer" at a young age helps establish self-esteem and confidence-building that children need in order to believe in themselves with the commitment level it takes to keep them from diverting away from their goals and making healthy personal choices. Mandy is the recipient of the Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by President George W. Bush. At the time of the award presentation (2005) she had over 4,000 documented hours of volunteer service to others. At the Washington State PTA Convention in May 2008, Mandy awarded Darrell Scott, founder of Rachel's Challenge ( the Outstanding Difference Maker Award for his heroic efforts in bringing peace and kindness to schools across America. Mr. Scott is the father of Rachel, who was the first student to be killed in the Columbine High School shootings. Mandy has also presented Outstanding Difference Maker awards to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Obama's newly appointed Commerce Secretary, former Governor Gary Locke.Mandy has the distinct honor of having been ASB president at her high school and school body president in middle school. In her early school years, Mandy focused on small and large projects. She was interested in finding ways to help other children by being a reading buddy, helping with food/clothing drives and creating Easter baskets for children in need. Mandy represented her home state in the Miss Teen USA 2008 pageant when she was crowned Miss Washington Teen USA 2008.

Mission: Our NATIONAL nonprofit organization for kids and teens helps teach kids and teens how to lead through volunteering. No matter your age, with adult support, we believe all kids can help to benefit others, and we help you accomplish the volunteer goals you have.
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